“…equal parts mystery, beauty and pleasing confoundedness…..If Gone had been written in the States in the ’60s or ’70s it would be a jazz classic with proportional reverence — and it should be revered as same in 2014 and beyond.”
(Fiona Ord-Shrimpton, All About Jazz, US)

“In fact, it’s such an enthralling listen I am finding it difficult to write about it at length – I just want to give it my full attention on this long January evening. So, just go out and buy it yourselves – that’s the simplest thing.”
(Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast, UK)

“An engrossing album.  It doesn’t come on too strong, preferring, instead, to let the listener gravitate to the music.”
(Dave Sumner,, US)

“..en skøn plade.. Dansk jazz i international klasse.”
(Niels Overgård, Jazznyt, DK)

“Stringent, lyrisk og medrivende instrumentaljazz af internationalt format.”
(Ivan Rod, Gaffa, DK)